Friday, August 29, 2008

Runners on First & Third

It's the top of the first inning, and the players energy is high.
We've got rookie Addie King on first, excited to play on the same field as her sister.  So far this season she has made a habit of sending senior team members into the locker room to find Elli if she is not on the field.  The coach told us before the game that she has had a talk with Addie about sticking with the rookies and not fraternizing with the more established players.
Senior team member Elli King is on third, where she is feeling confident of the fact that she already has friends from last years team returning.  Elli is known for getting ready for each practice early, somedays waking up the coach, always laying out her uniform the night before, and practicing, practicing, practicing!
The coach had a great pre-season summer with her players, but is glad it only lasts 2 months.
The coach is also very proud of her team and knows they are all-stars!
We look forward to the Eagles winning the pennant.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yeah Me!

It's fun having a birthday when friends and family make your day special and yummy!
Mandy made a gourmet lunch with paninis, salad, and lemon dessert.
Say "almost mid thirties, which means almost over the hill!"
Scrumptious chocolate cake and my favorite girls to sing to me.
"I could give up chocolate, but I'm not a quitter."
I loved all the calls, cards, gifts, blogs, emails, and delicious food that made my day. 

Sunday, August 24, 2008

C'est Magnifique

Welcome to Chez King, where Elli and Addie had a reservation for a "Fancy Nancy" night before school starts gourmet meal.  Their request for food was butter pasta, which we accented with steak and salad.  And, of course, sparkling cider.  It was chilled perfectly, having been sitting in our fridge since Christmas.  With no Martinelli's ready to go, what will happen if a very important dignitary comes by unexpectingly?  I better go to the store tomorrow! 
We put on our finest. (Notice: My polyester snowflake table cloth, Addie's "earrings", Elli's bridal veil, & Jason's tie!)
Thanks to Auntie Cami for my oh-so-stylish scarf from Paris, and my tiara from Disney Store.
Amelia is such a sport wearing dress-up for the meal, so unlike her.
The girls got a little carried away with the bubbly.  I had to teach them the phrase "pardon moi."  We eventually had to cut Addie off, it was the responsible thing to do.
For the finale, banana splits.  Good luck tomorrow.

(Lest you think this was an original idea, I must give credit to NieNie, a blogger mommy I have never met, yet I do know her family.  To learn more about her fabulous life and her recent tragedy and needed prayers, click here.)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Why I Slept In this Morning

Would you want this guy with obvious "Peter Pan" issues selling your house?
Million Dollar Listing on Bravo is like watching a train wreck.  I can't look away, I am completely fascinated!  They follow 3 young and very successful agents in Southern California who are so smarmy I can't believe people actually trust them and give them so much business.  It is so mesmerizing watching the way they talk, dress, and tout themselves.
So when I was ready to go to bed at 11:15 and realized I had a new episode TIVO'ed, I had to watch, theretofore not getting to bed until after midnight.
(As Elli looks over my shoulder, she informs me that I sleep in everyday of the summer. Is 8:00 sleeping in?  Today I slept till 8:15, Millie was still asleep, and in some countries 8 year olds live on their own, henceforth they are in charge of getting their own breakfast.  I am not sure which countries, but that's what I tell her.)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Girlz with Grillz

Everyone told us it would happen.  We would move to Califonia and get caught up with the bling and the gangs and the rap music.  Although we tried to avoid this by moving to Upland, the inevitable has occurred.  

Rob the jewelry store
And tell 'em make me a grill.

(This is an excerpt from Nelly's lyrical masterpiece "Grillz," duh!)
West Side Baby! 
(Not really sure what the signals mean, I think Addie is showing "4-real", and I just hope Elli isn't offending anyone.)
Thanks to Uncle Randy for FedEx-ing these semi-precious grillz.  
(When it absolutely positively has to be there overnight.) 

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

That and a Quarter Will Buy You a Cup of Coffee

I grew up hearing my dad share these motivational words when patients would share how they were spending their time and energies at college with a major that wasn't pre-med or business, or when parents of students would share how they were spending their hard earned money supporting college students with such undefinable majors.  I'm sure that pat on the back was exactly what they needed to keep working hard, knowing someday it will all be worth it!
But I digress.  These days you can't get a cup of coffee for a quarter, but you can get Jiffy Pop at the dollar section of Target for 75% off.  Elli helped me do the math, and that turns out to be 25 cents.  Fun family times watching the girls get excited about watching their first aluminum foil swelling combustion of hot air.  So much better than standing around the microwave catching radiation poisoning to see a paper bag expand.
Family Movie Night watching Nim's Island, but that just added a dollar to my quarter. (Gotta love Red Box!) ((That spot by Millie is mine. I am part of my family even if you don't see me in pictures.))

Friday, August 15, 2008

Oh It's On!

The Olympic spirit has carried over into our house.  Elli, Addie, and I played a marathon of games.  Why, you (don't) ask?  The answer is 2 fold.  1) I would rather play organized games with my kids than imaginary.  I get so bored so quick with Barbies or tea parties. (Good thing their Grandma Joyce is great at that.)  And B) I had to motivate them to clean up the disaster they made upstairs when they played house/school/daycare/doctor/restaurant, which was really cute and took a lot of time but my goodness, every room including my bedroom and the hallway was part of their enterprise. So I bribed them with quality mom/game time and it worked!
Addie won round 1 - Toy Story Monopoly
Addie won round 2 - Apples to Apples Jr.
Elli won round 3, Disney Scene It DVD
(I really didn't let them win, I just don't have that competitive drive that you need to win)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm sure I'm the Only Mom...

...who feels like a hamster on a wheel running all day doing the same thing over and over, getting nowhere.
This was my Monday
7:00 - clean up dog poop. (I was woke up by Elli to tell me our dog Sadie pooped in the family room.  The only time she poops inside is when she is sick, and I know she was sick because of the poop, disgusting!)
7:45 - clean up breakfast
8:00 - clean up myself and my room
(gone for the majority of the day)
3:00 - clean up car and house from errands
4:00 clean up toothpaste out of Millie's hair.  She thinks chapstick and toothpaste make excellent hair gel.
6:00 clean up dinner
8:00 clean up house again before I can sit on my buns, stop the wheel, and veg out.

When Barney says that everybody does their share, I think moms get the lion's share!

See Sea World

We visited Sea World on Saturday, using our passes we got last February.  The weather was forecasted as an idyllic 78 degrees, but sitting in a stadium of metal benches with the sun beating straight down waiting for a dolphin show, beautiful 78 felt more like sweaty 98 degrees.  (Good thing I did wear deodorant this time!) 
The nice lady behind us with an umbrella took pity on us and asked if the girls wanted to share her shade.  As you can see, the girls dropped us like a bad habit.
"6-eyes" Elli watching the Sesame Street 4-D show, a nice break from the heat.
Millie looking at fish, imitating  fish.
We left the park in time to enjoy authentic Mexican dinner in Old Town San Diego.  I think Addie has a future as a showcase model.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Disney Dash

Jason called yesterday on his way home asking what did I think about going to Disneyland that night?  I am a planner, not a spur of the moment girl, so it took me a few minutes to realize I had no good reason why not.  So we made a mad dash off to see the big Mouse.  It had been 5 months since our passes expired and we had all been itching to get back.
We got there right before the parade started and still got a great location my friend Jaime taught me about right where the parade starts on Main St.  The girls got high fives from Goofy and then he came over to Amelia and shook her hand and she loved it, unfortunately no picture as proof.
On Pirates, Amelia went to her "happy place" of sucking her fingers while on only Mom's lap to ward off the scary pirates. (She also went to her happy place during Buzz Lightyear: Astro Blasters.)
After Elli & Addie rode Matterhorn twice & Big Thunder Mountain it was Amelia's turn again.  She went to her other "happy place," the carosel.  For the first time she didn't argue with me that a horse says neigh, not moo.  
This picture definitely shows that Jason & Elli are at the happiest place on earth.  (Yes, I did let Elli wear Marie kitty ears, even though Jason disagreed with that decision.)
Dare-devil Millie was copying her mocking sisters on Winnie the Pooh and "raised the roof."

Comments of Note during our visit:
Elli on Pirates: "Mom, I learned something today, Pirates have very dirty feet!"
Jason on Pirates busy on his Blackberry:  "I've been on this ride a few dozen times before, so I'm playing Blackjack trying to earn back our money for the passes."
Jocelyn watching the parade in the direct path of the setting sun: "If I knew we were going to Disneyland today, I would have worn deodorant." (I am not a stinky person, and luckily the heat and humidity didn't get me smelling like a European.)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This Little Piggy Went to Market

If my girls were the 3 little pigs and it came time for them to leave home to seek their fortunes, I can already see how each piggy would play out.
Elli, although first child, would be the third little pig who built his home out of brick.  Elli would have plans drawn up, permits pulled, inspectors inspecting, and she would be sure to let the inspector know if other little pigs were not up to code.  In the end her home would be solid and safe.
Addie would be the first little pig, quickly building her home from straw so she could go on and play with her friends, her DS, or watch TV.  When she came to visit me and I asked how well she built her house, she would ignore the question knowing I would get distracted with house work and not have to face my disapproval.
Amelia, well, so far she tends to favor the free spirited Addie personality. Although she would only build a home with me attached to her at the hip for that is how she spends most of her waking time. We would have to pick a location where it was okay to be either naked or in a swimsuit since this is how she chooses to express herself.  So the best we could do as siamese twins near a nudist colony would probably be the house of sticks.
In the end, we would all be at Elli's living happily ever after, except maybe for Elli.
(Thanks to Jason for creating a pig-tastic photo op which inspired this random scenario.)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

That's What Friends are For

We were so glad to have our good friends the Sherwoods grace up with their company and spend a couple nights with us and celebrate Amelia's birthday.  They are so fun to have around and the kids all get along also, win-win.  
Kickin' Kelly and Jovial Jason
Amelia was hesitant of the waterslide until the very end of her party when she finally got in the wading pool part.
She loves kitties, and picked up a few friends as presents.
Sydney Jo, so grown up!
Kelly feelin' a little frisky, meow!
Amelia considers Mandy a second mom, sometimes even a first. (She must sneak her gum or candy or opium to bribe her, I will figure it out someday.)
Addie and Rachael spent most of the party splashing around.
Millie celebrating with Grandma Joyce.

You Say It's Your Birthday!

Today was my baby's 2nd birthday.  Does that still make her my baby?  Of course, I say.
This is Amelia on her birth day, almost makes me want another.
I went simple on her cake, she doesn't know any better.
Amelia is learning how to smile for the camera, she's a real natural.
All my girls love the frosting more than the cake.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Piggy Tails

My girls are so adorable as babies with their great bald heads, I love it!  But then it gets a little awkward as they start slowly growing hair.  Their hair in back grows quicker than their hair on top creating the highly sought after "Mullet" style.  I try to keep the back in check cutting it myself to discourage the return of this Billy Ray Cyrus disaster.  But I can now put Millie's hair in piggies and it looks so cute, until after nap time when the rubber bands are loosened and she pulls them out, but that's another post.
It is at this age that I am a bit envious of those babies born with hair who now have long flowing locks and actually look their age.
This is what she looks like when you tell her to make her "fishy face."
And this is her "funny face."