Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales

In preparation for an upcoming shower, I tested out "Spinach and Gruyere Strata". I spent the better part of an hour late last night prepping this dish; slowing drying out bread slices, sauteeing shallots and spinach, making a reduction, whipping the eggs, shredding the gruyere, and finally layering it all together. After church when we were so hungry we put in the oven anxious for a yummy Sunday dinner. As the eggs starting puffing up and the cheese starting melting, oh boy - did it stink. I was out in the front gardening (I do garden every 6 months, especially when my sister is coming into town the upcoming weekend) and when I walked into the house, WHAM - right in the kisser. Addie said is smelled like wet dog. We opened the windows, but it just kept getting worse. I don't have a weak gag reflex, but this honestly got to me. But we persevered because I know there are lots of stinky cheeses the taste good. So with the air thick with the musty smell of a boys locker room we sat down for dinner. The girls had their noses plugged with chip clips, but since that was a wee bit ridiculous we made them remove them. That is when the tears started. Elli was actually eating the strata saying it wasn't that bad while crying over the smell. She then realized if she kept her nose in her orange juice she wouldn't have to smell it - problem solved.

I laughed it off and said they got a pass on dinner for the night (mostly because I wanted a pass for myself) while Jason saw this as an opportunity to teach them that they will encounter times in their life when they have to eat things they don't like, and to suck it up and see this as a challenge. In response we might have laughed, but it was with him and not at him. (He was just laughing really really quietly.)
Luckily being Valentine's Day for 3 days straight we have plenty of sugar treats to nourish us.