Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I know what you're thinking:
-I didn't think the Kings were "those" people. ("those" people are the people who come to Disneyland costumed up.)
Well, we are NOT those people. If Jason had his way they wouldn't ever wear minnie ears or be pin traders, but as we frequent it so, I let them choose one or the other. Everything in moderation is my mantra, except visits to the happiest place of earth, of course.

So why, pray tell, did why go against our better judgement?
Every rule has it's exceptions and my justification is 3-fold.
1: Millie didn't want to be Minnie Mouse Pumpkin for Halloween, she wanted to be what Addie is going to be. But I reeeaaalllly wanted her to wear her cousin Fifi's adorable costume and this was the last year it would fit.
2: So; I promised if she would dress up as said Minnie Mouse Pumpkin, she could wear it to Disneyland and visit Minnie herself.
3: Minnie herself is in costume, and we follow "WWMD". (What Would Minnie Do?) She hasn't steered us wrong yet.
Elli had a Halloween party a week early, so to not lose the novelty of her costume come Halloween Eve (which, to be honest, Millie has lost) she dressed in Addie's dance costume from last year and we tied a bone in her hair to be a cave girl. I told her she was Pebbles, but that meant as much to her as when my dad sang "I wonder, wonder, who ooo ooo ooo oooh, Who wrote the book of love?". (I didn't know or care - but he kept asking for 18 long years.)
This year the girls wanted to carve pumpkins. I am still gung ho for my sparkly pumpkins, but I guess 3 years is a row is overkill for them. I told them they were going to have to get their hands dirty, (last time Jason and I, heavy on the I, had to do all the work because we have a priss problem in our house) but they were adamant that they were up to the challenge.
The girls wanted to re-create the giant Mickey pumpkin from Main St. It worked out pretty well.
The big moment.
Not really the shot I was hoping for, she got stage fright.
We even had a stranger ask to take her picture. Easiest $5 I ever made.
P.S. Anyone know a good 12-step for Disney addiction?