Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lucy! You got some 'splainin to do!

I continued my Halloween theme of "Theme Shmeme" and went with 3 totally unrelated costumes. Elli went as Cindy Lou Who from the Grinch. I actually sewed the fur on her hood myself! But the coolest part of her costume by far was her hair which surprisingly only took 15 minutes to style which is awesome since I had the privilege of getting her ready 3 times!
Addie's teacher this year is a huge "I Love Lucy" fan, so she started watching old episodes and then came across this costume idea online. It was really fun and she got a lot of compliments, but wigs are troublesome and itchy - a lesson learned the hard way.
Millie is still into princesses and wanted to be either Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella. I was so over princess costumes when she was deciding on who to be, but then I found out #4 was a boy and all of a sudden I am getting nostalgic over girly trends, especially the ones I know they grow out of.
Trunk or Treat - no costume contest this year, we're sure we had a winner - Bummer!
The girls and their friends.
Happy Haunting!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Theme Shmeme

For this Halloween I went with the parenting style "controlled expression". Textbook says if I pick a theme and have adorable coordinating pumpkins where I dictate how each pumpkin will look in detail, one day my children will rebel on me and perhaps start wearing black eyeliner with matching lipstick. That won't be so adorable anymore. Textbook also says if I get out all my craft accessories and paints and let them have at it, quote-unquote boundaryless (visual but less effective "boundaryless") they will crave limits and also one day rebel; this time by possibly wearing too-risque of a costume all in the name of Halloween. So I presented many options using my crafts and paints and had each one of them decide and then tell me step by step what their decorating plan was. Upon approval they began and I think they came out very cute by themselves, together they look like the Land of Misfit Jack-o-lanterns.
This is mine/Jason's.
I was going for the look "Yes, I can decorate a pumpkin without it looking girly".
Elli spray glittered her pumpkin then pinned ribbons.
Addie choose "Sequins & Pearls" not to be confused with Prince's "Diamonds & Pearls" or Auntie Cami's "Diamonds & Roses".
And Finally Millie wanted to match her costume this year with Cinderella's carriage.
Land of Misfit Pumpkins