Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Better Wash Your Hands...

Or you might catch the FEVER!!!
Millie is a closet fan of Justin Beiber and was so excited to see his movie, but with a new baby being born I was out of comission so it was up to Jason. He asked if he could walk the girls to their theatre and then go watch a different movie, um no. But then genius idea - Auntie Cami was coming to town and not only is she an awesome auntie, she is also a fan of children's menus and Disney media. Elli called Auntie Cami and she was game; actually she said she had really wanted to see that movie and her nieces were her perfect cover.
Go big or go home -
they pulled out all the stops, t-shirts, singing doll, hoodies, and face messaging.
I smile, you smile :)

Happy St. Patrick's Day

It's still March...
Here are 2 jokes Amelia would tell you if you were here, and if it was her idea - heaven forbid you suggest it:

Why did the chicken cross the playground?

To get to the other slide.

What do you call a bear with no teeth?

A gummy bear.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Not on my watch!

I didn't know that being a finger sucker was in DNA, but it must be since I was batting 1000 with my first 3 children and #4 has shown strong tendencies to follow in their footsteps. And those who know our family well know it is not just a finger or two in the mouth, the other hand likes to be busy also. So the buck stops here! I feel I need to explain to everyone why my 2 month old is wearing mittens that are too small for him; it is because I am trying my darndest to block a habit before it is formed. They only make tiny mittens for baby's first couple of weeks so Max's hands are for the majority of the day balled up. I hope I am not hindering any motor skill growth but I am one determined mama. He is on a merit system and if he has not been sucking on the mittens he can earn a recess where I work with him on grasping, but the moment I turn my back and hear the tell-tell slurp, 2 demerits are tallied and the mittens go back on. I have tried to research "ways to prevent" on the internet but all I can find is ways to "break the habit", so I am flying blind on this one.
But look at his darling smile, does it make you heart smile like it does ours? (Elli wrote that line on a card for me when she was younger and sweeter.)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


We have enjoyed all the family since Max's birth, he is very luved!
First trip to Disneyland, his sisters love him lots!
Grandma Joyce
Great Grandma Moo-moo
Auntie Cami
Grammi Debbi
Great Grandma Diamond
Great Poppa
Poppa & Linda