Monday, June 30, 2008

Not of This World

Here is a thoughtful conversation on our drive up to our friends' beachhouse.

Addie: Whose house are we going to?
Mom:  Beau's grandparents' beachhouse.
A: Are they going to be there?
M:  No
A: Where are they going to be?
M: At their other house.
A: Where is that?
M: Well, they have 2 other houses, one near our house and one in Newport Beach.
A: So they have 3 houses?
M: Yes.
A:  They must be rich!
M: Maybe
A: Who is richer, someone who has 3 houses, or a hotel?
M: Do you mean someone who stays in a hotel or owns a hotel?
A: Owns a hotel.
M: Someone who owns a hotel probably has more money.  Do you know anyone who owns a hotel?
A: Yes, London Tipton. (pause)
Who is richer? London Tipton or Hannah Montana?
M:  I don't know, but Hannah Montana earns her own money and London Tipton just spends her dad's money.  What would you rather do? (I do know they are fictional.)
Elli pipes up at this time: Hannah Montana.
Addie: London Tipton.  
(I could have guessed each girls response!)
I am sure our next conversation was really deep and meaningful, I just can't remember it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Identity Crisis

Maybe it's because on any given day she is called over a half dozen names. 
Millie Anne
Baby girl
She is so into dress-up now.  She wears many outfits during the day and puts up a fight anytime we need to change her into "street" clothes.
On this day, she kept wanting to change her dress-up and brought each new dress to her dad, and in true Jason style, he found a shortcut.  Instead of swapping the dresses out, he layered one on top of the other.  She actually has on 4 dresses in this picture.  First is Belle, Second is a non-descript fairy, third is Snow White, and fourth is a ballerina overlay skirt.  
Will the real Millie Anne please stand up!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hot in the City Tonight!

Last week we spent 3 days in the desert at the Hyatt in Indian Wells.
Elli loved the benefits of "Regency Club" with afternoon cookies and lemonade on the balcony so much she said "Mom, this is the money life!" (like "money" bite)
"I know what you're thinking.  Did he fire six shots or only five?... You've got to ask yourself one question - Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya punk?"  (We ate at Clint Eastwood's restaurant Hog's Breath Inn)
Wet 'n Wild

We tagged along with Jason's work travel to La Quinta/Indian Wells which is near Palm Springs.  We must just miss Gilbert, AZ summers so much we vacation in 116 degree weather.  But staying in a nice hotel with many pools and a waterslide made it not only bearable but fun.  I took the girls swimming in the morning, Jason took them at night.  They are actually able now to spend hours in the pool playing around without my help. Natural swimming ability is not in their blood, they get that from me on my dad's side.  Better late than never.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dancing Through Life

Elli getting ready for her ballet "Carmen."
Addie getting pumped up for "Pumpin' Up the Party Now."

Today was Elli & Adeline's dance recitals.  They were not in the same show so we got to sit through 5 hours of dances to enjoy 5 minutes of King girls, but they were well worth it. (Jason came and went with Amelia to facilitate both of their attention spans.)
Grandma thought they did such a good job she gave them beautiful flowers.

It is a little creepy to see little girls in full make-up, but boy do they think they look amazing, they can't stop checking themselves out.

Monday, June 16, 2008

I love my Dad, love Elli

For Father's Day I let him sleep in, we ate breakfast burritos, and opened presents. I got him a green t-shirt from AE. We had a few friends over for a bar-b-que. My dad even got to watch the WHOLE basketball game. You know how much he loves basketball. It was all fun except when Amelia was accidentally locked in the garage. 
I love dad my because:
 he teaches me math combined word problems
he reads books to me each night
he helped Addie and me build the roller coaster
he sings with me HSM on the Wii
he works hard
he pays me money to try new things (like stinky cheese or scary rides) 
he plays in primary on the piano
And I'm lucky he's my dad!!
love Elisa

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Little girls, Little Girls, Everywhere I Turn I Can See Them!

We had a fun sleepover with 6 girls to celebrate the night before the last day of school.  It was complete with pizza & rootbeer, a dance routine with costumes, painted toes, Apple to Apples Jr. and the movie "Enchanted" while snacking on red vines, popcorn, and junior mints.  Some might say that sounds like a lot of work, or noise, or energy, or effort.  But I say it is all worth when at the end of the evening (10:30) and the end of the movie,  Addie shares with everyone;
"I wish my mom was Giselle!"
Yes, all worth it, thank you Addie.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fashion Over Function

The "perp"
The "vic"

My poor baby who doesn't talk much didn't communicate with me until it was too late that her new glitter jelly's were wreaking havoc on both her feet.  After I took her shoes off she cried and cried and would not walk the rest of the day.  Memories of Addie breaking her leg rushed back to me.  This morning she would only walk after I put socks and tennis shoes on.  Poor thing.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Roller Coaster

I wanted to share with those who could use it our exemplary team work skills that facilitated assembly of this amazing roller coaster.

1. The never give up attitude, not once did Jason threaten to give up.

2. Value of every team member, no matter the age, every idea was valid and encouraged.

3. Sticking together, the girls never got bored and abandoned their dad while he assembled their birthday present. (thanks uncle)

4. A higher standard of vocabulary, using Jason's gift of patience he never used less than admirable language or bear like growling.

5. And lastly, Amelia's early onset intuitiveness, knowing that this a was a situation she best left to those more knowledgeable than her, kept her distance at all times and never tried crawling on the table and assembling it herself.

And if you believe all that, do I have a bridge to sell you!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sometimes I Amaze Myself!

Amelia loves to take off her diaper.  
She also loves to wear underwear.  
Amelia is not potty trained.  
So, I came up with a genius idea, if I must pat myself on my back.  She watched T.V. while sitting in a play pool.  
No pee on the carpet, fabulous!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Few Simple Rules

I believe children should have boundaries and rules to follow.  So my children understand from an early age certain family "dress code" standards they must abide by.  I am sure all respectable and upstanding families have their standards also.

Here are ours:

1.  No character clothing.

2. Matching amongst siblings is adorable, matching with parents is a no-no.

To all rules there are exceptions, and my children understand our family exceptions as follows:

Underwear and pajamas are excluded from above said rules.

It is "a good thing" to wear Disney clothing to Disneyland

That said, here is my exception to the rules, I do indeed match my baby with sock monkey pajamas.

(Disclaimer: once, not too long ago, I accidentally matched Amelia while visiting Arizona and had access to limited options of clean clothes.  But don't worry, all night I stayed as far away from her so neither of us would be too embarrassed and make those around us uncomfortable.)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Magic Trick

Now you see it

Now you don't!

Addie lost her first tooth, and we are almost all very excited for her.  Don't think it went unmentioned that Elli did not lose her first tooth until the middle of 1st grade.  Elli has a little "woe is me" complex.
Welcome to the awkward stage Addie. Elli, Maddy, Clara, and most other 6-8 year olds are proud to count you among them.

I love May! (and i love that's it's over)

Here is the quick & dirty of May:

10 year anniversary - and still going strong!
(Sand Railing at Pismo Beach)

Addie's Pump It Up Party - she wanted to invite her WHOLE class.

Elli's Melting Pot birthday party, fondue fun.

Then the actual girls birthdays, had to make those days special, thanks Red Robin for free burgers and song.

Elli's baptism, isn't she lovely?

And Lots of Family! (Thank you for all coming out, we love visitors!)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Strong Armed

So I guess I now have a blog.  Thanks to my friends Jenny and Kelly for creating my oh-so-cute background, all that's left is some really insightful, funny, interesting life commentary.  And if that is what you are hoping for, be prepared for disappointment.  But I will try my best to post once a week, better than Jenny, far less than Kelly - I have always been most comfortable somewhere in the middle (ask my mom).  

we sure miss all the king girls in gilbert!