Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far

I grew up hearing that over and over from my dad but "far" was pronounced "fa" and was not intended to make us feel better, nonetheless it is often found true. It has come to my realization in the past year that Addie is very much like me when I was younger, emphasis on the was. (Interestingly, my family seems to have realized this much earlier.) But this moment we caught the other night was identical to how Jason has found his mom countless times and I have seen with my own eyes when we lived in Arizona and she came to visit.
Lights on,
glasses on,
book propped out,
This one's for you, Grandma Joyce!

I would do anything for you!

Conversation with Amelia this week over clothes.
Amelia "Please mom, can I wear a skirt instead of pants? Please mom, I will do anything for you, anything!"
Mom "What does that mean, Millie? What will you do for me?"
Amelia pauses and thinks for dramatic effect then answers "I will pick out your clothes, or do your hair, or do your make-up."
Thanks Millie, that is what every 9 month pregnant women needs!