Sunday, January 31, 2010

What You Missed

Well, that is presumptuous on my part. If you really cared, you probably would have been there. Nonetheless, here is what was happening to my family while blogging was not:
Jason and his friends confirmed Andra's theory that there is such a thing as a "mormon uniform". They all had on untucked-in blue striped button-ups and jeans.
Why mess with success?!?
We went to the Long Beach aquarium with half of Southern California.
Rain + Christmas vacation = too many people to have a good time :(
Jason turned 35 and I went to sushi with him, that's love!
It hailed in our backyard and the girls reacted like they had never seen snow before.
They have... twice.
My dad got married to Linda.
Cami graduated from U of A.
And Andra and I took a good do you spell narcissistic?

A Rose by Any Other Name

We were not brave enough to spend the night on the sidewalk to watch the Rose Bowl Parade, but we did go visit the floats aftewards - baby steps! Addie and I had fun recognizing the floats we had seen on TV just hours earlier.
Millie was being stubborn, imagine that, and had to be bribed just to not turn her head away from the camera.
The floats are amazing to see up close, such creativity and ingenuity, very impressive!
You know what they say about all good things, kids suck the fun out!
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What Do You Mean Christmas was Soooo Yesterday?

Millie really got us into the spirit of the holidays with her touching preschool program. Are we bad parents for laughing at her misery instead of sharing her tears? She's no angel, but we love her anyways. (Notice she is still doing the hand motions through the trauma.)

To sum up the season: grammi's jammies, visit with Santa, Pluto, Minnie; the girls' christmas dance recital (what you don't see is Millie in her hula skirt dancing to melekelikimaka because she wouldn't dance even though I tried everything including but not limited to bribing, begging, reasoning, shame, disappointment), Christmas morning, Christmas Eve, Uncle Randy giving his girlfriend Katie a very thoughtful Christmas gift. Happy New Year! (Is it too late to wish that?)
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