Sunday, September 20, 2009

School Pictures

Be honest, have we been in
Southern California too long?
Our visit to the "birthplace of Los Angeles", Olvera Street, aka "A small part of Mexico in the heart of Los Angeles" with Grammi. Eating famous churros from Mr. Churro, buying authentic $2 fans that were made in China, and enjoying a fabulous lunch. Ole!

What's Wrong With this Picture?

So here is Amelia, looking oh-so-cute on her first day of preschool:
Here is Amelia in the car on the way home from her first day of preschool, I know it's subtle, but what is wrong with this picture?!? (hint: it is NOT that the church name is not the same as our church, I'm cool with that.)
Yes! She peed her pants the first day of preschool. I felt sick when I walked in and noticed her change of outfit. I felt like over-explaining that Millie has been potty trained since she was 2, that I forgot to take her before school because our routine was to wait for her to tell me (which I realized as I got back home from dropping her off but still hoped it would all work out), that elastic wasted jeans don't really flatter her figure, but instead I just apologized and got the heck out of dodge.