Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where Can I File a Complaint?

If my home had a complaint box, these would be some official grievances:

Amelia, please leave your rubberbands in, you were not blessed with naturally beautiful hair of cascading curls. - mom
Mom, please don't wash my black soccer socks with red towels, it is embarrassing - addie

Parents, please don't be slackers and count family home evening as a walk up to Target, or an outing to Costco.  I will be in charge of the lesson this week, but seriously, it's your job - Elli
Life's not fair, and that makes me mad (this is my drawing of how I feel when I'm mad) - Elli
Life became not fair when I became not an only child. (I often move the letters around in Amelia's name to closely resemble my name of Elisa, even though I have my own letters in my room, it is not enough) - Elli
Why can't I have more candy? - Millie
I really want to watch my T.V.! - Millie
What? You are cutting me off from soda, but I need my caffeine! - Millie
Do we have issues?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Amelia Leibowitz

Amelia loves to "play" with my camera, but this is not an activity I allow. (I learned this valuable lesson second hand when my Adeline dropped my sister's camera, and it has never worked the same.)
But occasionally there are exceptions, such as when I am frustrated, busy, on the phone, frazzled, on the phone, scrapbooking, cooking, lazy, helping the older girls with homework, on the phone, reading with the older girls, reading my book, watching my TV shows, watching Addie's soccer practice or soccer game, on the internet, on the phone, you get the point.  When one of these sporadic/infrequent occasions occurs, I am a push-over and she can get away with murder if it keeps her happy and quiet. (TV works also.)
Here are some of her gems:

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Alternate Lyrics

While practicing her primary song I am a Child of God for our upcoming sacrament program, Addie asked me, 
"What does it mean 'my knees are gray'?" (correct phrase: my needs are great)

This reminds of words I often have a hard time getting out of my head that my mom shared with me when I was young. It is still difficult as an adult trying to feel the reverence of this song while trying to NOT sing "with parents kind of queer." (correct phrase: with parents kind & dear)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh, Crepe!

Elli's favorite dessert to eat and Jason's favorite dessert to make is CREPES! (Be sure you say this the french way, our crepes are better than the ones with the massacared american accent.) 
Jason so loves making crepes, that he requested from Cami, while in Paris, an authentic crepe tool, used by the hoity-toity crepe makers in France
(Again, watch your accent on all words italicized.) 
(Does that make Jason hoity-toity?)
This was the first time Jason used his crepe dragger (made that name up myself) and it got Elli's mark of approval.
Addie cares more about the whipped cream, she has always had a sweet tooth.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Her Feet were Firmly Planted

Saturday was Addie's very first ever in her whole life soccer game.  It started off reeeeaaal slow, meaning she sat out the first quarter.  I had to keep reminding her to watch the game so that when it was her turn she would have a clue what to do on the field, but she was more interested in playing with her teammate who was also sitting out first quarter - coincidence?
So now it's game time.  Addie was a little winded from the whole "sitting and watching".
Stretch time, you don't want sore muscles from all that work standing.
Just wait for the ball to come to you, Addie.  Pretend you are playing softball and that invisible spot you are not moving from is you base that you are protecting. (Like she knows softball.)
"Hey, are you going to the pizza party after the game?"
"So what is your favorite pizza?"
"Oh, I am supposed to run after the ball? Game On!"
Run Forrest, Run!
Addie's new motto: All Day I Dream About Soccer 
(mark my words, that will be famous one day)
She might even be a soccer star!  
3 kicks in one game. that beats Elli's total season number of gametime kicks by 3. (And I say again, good thing she's smart!)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Gilbert Girls are GREAT!

This weekend my friends came to town (Escondido) for a girls weekend filled with:
Pool-side lounging
A wee bit of Gossip
Playing games by the pool. (Bananagrams)

Starring (In order of appearance)
Sensational Cyndi
Always Cute & Clean Kristen
Jokester Jenny 

(Kelly made me remove her picture, even though I thought she looked fabulous, whatev!)

Queen of Sweet-talk Kelly

Friday, September 5, 2008

For Today's Brag Post, I mean BLOG Post...

Amelia is POTTY TRAINED!  She has gone 3 days without an accident, and the past 2 days she has been the one to tell me when she needed to go, and yesterday she told me when she needed to poop. (TMI)
We have also been venturing out of the house on little errands, but yesterday for her final exam, we went to Disneyland in underwear and it was a success!  Does that mean she will never have an accident, I'm not sure.  But after a doctor gets his license does that mean he/she will never make a mistake?  That's what malpractice insurance is for, just like my kit with a change of pants and plastic bag that I carry around.
Way to go, Millie Anne!
(I hope my next post won't be called "Retraction," or "Spoke too Soon".)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

She Might Even be a Golfstar

Elli was so excited to share with me her news that she was beating Addie in a Wii sports game.  They were playing golf and she told me she was ahead of her by over 40 points and that she kept getting a bonus 10 points when she hit the ball more than 12 times on a hole.  My ears perked up at this point as I realized her vast misunderstanding of the game.  I had to explain that in golf, it is best to get a low score, and a bonus 10 points is undesirable.  Good thing she does well at school!
(On a side note, When I asked her if I could blog about this she said no, which I respected.  Then she came back to me later and said I could blog it, but I couldn't talk to anyone in person about it.  So if we pass at the grocery store, in the hall at church, or at Thanksgiving dinner, mum's the word.)