Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Tribute

It is the end of an era in the King house, as today we said so long to Jason's Saab.  We have been planning on selling it for a year and a half when Jason replaced her.  I nudged him to understand the harsh reality that Elli would not want to drive "her" when she turned 16, but although he was ready to replace her, he wasn't ready to say goodbye.  So she sat at Jason's mom's ranch up until last month when he decided it was time to cut the cord (that is the symbolic cord to his youth/glory college days/ independence from parents or wife/turbo lifestyle).  Last month he picked her up, fixed her up, and sold her - all pretty seamlessly.  She was good to us, although her repair bills will not be missed.  And Jason can no longer taunt me that she has been around longer than I have.  But I do need to admit the Saab was part of the "Jason package"  that I fell for 12 years ago.  (call me superficial, I was 20)
Good bye "born of jets," may your new owner be a "saab enthusiast" like Jason.