Friday, July 1, 2011

Father's Day

We all know Jason is a simple man.
When I asked what he wanted to eat of Father's day his answer surprisingly was not "whatever you make I am sure will be lovely, dear"; it was that he wanted a gourmet burger with meat from an actual butcher and buns from a baker and ingredients that mimic a real chefs inspiration. So, since I am such an awesome wife I ran around town buying the meat and bacon from the corner butcher who conveniently also sold fresh brioche buns for the local bakery, and Trader Joe's kindly sold all the other ingredients I needed. (micro greens, mustard garlic aioli - thought I was going to have to make that myself- smoked gouda, and maui onions that Elli caramelized to perfection.)
They turned out phenomenal, can't wait to make them again - stellar idea Jason.
F.Y.I. I didn't need to ask him what he wanted for a present since he bought himself 2 Father's Day gifts. First one was a belgium waffle make that he "will be using to make waffles for his grandkids" and second was an air compressor. Happy Father's Day!

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